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I recently finished a confidence building and public speaking course through Di Riddell and found her to be outstanding at not just motivation, courage and her true calling “Public Speaking” but also in listening and asking the right questions to find the real reason as to why this may have been an issue for me.

She listened, the way that Di used her skills, listened, critiqued (which only helped me improve) and managed our class was fantastic, I was very nervous about the whole idea, Di made me feel very comfortable the whole time and I have no hesitation in recommending her services now and in the future.

On a final note: I since had to give my first public speech at a business networking night, and whilst I was still nervous, I can tell you right now if it wasn’t for the help and guidance of Di I would NEVER  have got up and delivered it. Thanks Di for helping build my confidence not just as a speaker but as a person who really needed it!!!

Natalie Massa – Real Estate Agent


I recently attended a workshop on confidence in speaking and I gained the knowledge that everyone suffers moments in which they lack confidence ….

I know now that the tools that I have been using to get through those moments are the right ones.

The content was very beneficial…

I highly recommend Di’s approach to delivery.

I have been to so many of those dull  booorrring… talk talk … look at me … I this and I that …. presentations     that I have come to dread attending Seminars.

Di involves everyone, and uses their stories to make her points.

This makes the day very interesting and memorable. Thank you Di for a very informative morning.

Sherry Davidson Civil Celebrant & JP (Qual) Rockhampton
Di has helped me on so many levels. Her compassion and enthusiasm along with her introduction of EFT skills (emotional freedom technique) have helped me to uncover and free myself from the emotional despair that has burdened me for most of my life.

Di was able to introduce into my life, a new way of controlling emotions and focusing on the positive aspects of life in terms of what I have rather than what I don’t have. On day one, with her engaging persona, I remember Di saying that she would introduce fun and laugher into our sessions and as true to her word as always, she did exactly that.

There has been many a time that all I needed was someone to talk to and a good “belly” laugh to bring me down to earth with the realization that life really isn’t that bad after all and to “count my blessings rather than troubles”.

Di is trustworthy and makes you feel like a friend within minutes.

Di’s insights and getting to the heart of my issues was fantastic and her compassionate, friendly approach made me feel at ease and free to challenge my inner beliefs and doubts. I really enjoyed our sessions together from day one.

I can highly recommend Di Riddell as a life coach to anyone who suffers from self doubt and lack of confidence. I strongly recommend her services, if you are looking for a life coach to support, mentor and inspire you on your life journey.

Thank you Di, I appreciate enormously everything that you have done for me in such a short amount of time. You’re a true lady and friend I can trust with confidence.

ML Brisbane

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Di Riddell. Following my first phone conversation I couldn’t wait to meet her, as her enthusiasm to work with me to achieve my goals was infectious.
She guided and encouraged me through the sessions. Most sessions went way over time, enabling me to develop the skills I needed to prepare and deliver my presentation. her feedback and fine tuning turned a mediocre presentation into a dynamic one.
I am extremely grateful for the knowledge and skills she has shared with me and would recommend Di to anyone needing coaching to achieve their goals.

Johanna English GP Golden Beach

Di worked with me in a recent campaign I was running. She was my coach and mentor. She was wonderful. her coaching covered a range of aspects such as etiquette, speech sriting and delivery, portocol and even what to wear to each function. Her caring coaching, wisdom and experience made a trememdous difference to my confidence. Di’s manner was porfessional yet presonal, focused on the bigger picture yet with careful attention to detail. Thanks ever so much Di. And yes, I was successful in my campaign!


‘From the first email contact I was struck by Di’s professionalism, enthusiasm and passion for what she does. Following our first phone call I felt confident that she would be able to help me achieve my goal.

‘Di is friendly and encouraging. The sessions are structured but she makes them lots of fun. She is certainly a ‘glass half full’ kind of person and she instills this in others. I felt my confidence and speaking ability grow as the sessions progressed. She is insightful and a good listener. Di gives positive feedback in abundance and even the negative feedback is given in a tactful and helpful manner.

I felt that she went the extra mile for me. My sessions usually went overtime. Di also organised a mock interview panel for me which was very helpful.

On the day of my interview I was nervous of course but felt that with Di’s help that I had prepared as well as I could. Within minutes of the interview commencing I could feel my confidence kicking in.

The ‘forty’ minute interview was over in twenty five and I was recommended for the position.

I would certainly recommend Di Riddell to anyone requiring professional coaching to assist them to achieve their goals. I am very grateful to her for her help.’

Dr John Harris General Practitioner Nambour

“Di has given me more confidence to proceed with my goals than I ever had before. I came to her for assistance with clarity and articulation in speaking and to be able to respond spontaneously and succinctly. In achieving that it has enabled me to be able to think quickly, organise my thoughts and articulate them with ease.

The bonus in working with Di was the flow on to my personal communication and life goals. It has given me greater confidence in my presenting style to make a significant difference in my career.
As a Miss World entrant Di has been invaluable to me providing tools, support and motivation to achieve more and remain focused in the pageant as well as change and manage my personal life better.

Through the sessions with Di I have discovered the important role a coach can play in my personal life, to set and achieve goals and more beyond my capabilities. Di has helped me observe situations from a different point of view which taught me more about myself”.
Leah Freney
, Miss World Entrant


‘I enjoyed the creative ways Di worked incorporating confidence into my working life. She allowed me to feel comfortable yet was challenging’.

Kathryn Fowler, Receptionist, Nambour Christian College. 


‘I was inspired by Di’s session on presentation skills. She was real, authentic and empathetic – yet challenging. By implementing her strategies I delivered a clean, professional presentation. She made an amazing contribution to making my goal of being a speaker a reality.” 
Emily Gower 
Writer/Speaker October


“Di immediately made me feel at ease and delivered an uplifting and valuable session in confidence building with an array of tips and techniques to take away. I recommend Di for anyone with the desire to grow inwardly and get the most out of all aspects of life.” 
Amanda Sutton
, Wild Rangers Wildlife Encounters


“‘Di – love what you are all about – your strength, your confidence and your courage. So glad the world has women like you. Go for it girl.”
Samantha Backman MD, TV Presenter


“Di is a bold, vivacious confident advocate for women (and men too) through confidence and resilience. You want this lady on your team.”
Michael Noone CEO and Founder addingvalue.com


“Di’s active listening, her perception and broad view of possibilities encouraged me to create and take action on options that opened doors to success in achieving my goal.”
Coral McVean District Governor Toastmasters International




I am the president of the Weight Reduction Club of Deception Bay and tonight we were so luck to have Di Riddell come down and be our guest speaker on Self Confidence and Self Esteem. She was soooooooooo good my members just could not get enough of her. We all enjoyed listening to her. One of my members said she could just listed to Di speak all night and the rest of my club want to know when we could get Di back to speak to us again. Thank you so much Di for giving up your time to make the trip down from Nambour to be our Guest Speaker this evening. You were a real hit with all the members. Thank you Di for a wonderful talk tonight.

p.s. , I have been asked by the President of the Redcliffe Weight Reduction Club if you would speak to them. Your talk is spreading like wild fire. The word is out and you are getting so much said about your presentation it is amazing but certainly not unexpected.

Barbara Fay Richardson President


Coolum Cool Connections were delighted to have Di as their guest speaker recently. She is such an engaging speaker with a  message very very relevant to out over 50’s group. Everyone enjoyed your presentation and learned something too.

Tina Stubbs Coolum Cool Connections

Our Zonta Club was delighted to have Di Riddell speak at our recent meeting. Our club supports women’s issues – refuges/domestic violence awareness/fund raising/prevention … but, we haven’t heard an up front presentation from a pro-active advocate before.  Thank you for sharing your story with us – without anger/hate/prejudice …

I liked your theme:  Denim & Lace = a different slant on the masculine/feminine balance – (it’s a juggling act)

Women need to be reminded to ‘Be who you are’ –  it’s so easy to give ourselves away to everyone & have little left for ourselves.  Thank you for that.

MargieRichter Zonta Blackall Range


Our Sunshine Coast Business Breakfast Group (SCBBG) encourages their members to deliver 10min speaking spots to promote their business. We were seeking a speaker to deliver a presentation on ‘delivering a great presentation’.

Di Riddell, our speaker last Thursday was vibrant, entertaining and on the button with her enthusiastic presentation. Her positive energy and skill showed her as a presenter who builds trust with her audience.

She delivered practical tips which inspired members with ideas on preparation and delivery techniques, adhering to time and all delivered with her ‘real’ and fresh approach

She is passionate about helping people deliver ‘their message’ effectively though learning and laughter with confidence and passion.

Di had excellent content, she was lightly humourous and has the gift of being able to educate and entertain.

We would thoroughly recommend Di as a speaker for your event.

Nick Francis, Sales Manager, Impact Office Supplies.

President – Sunshine Coast Business Breakfast Group 2103


Di Riddell was our guest speaker at the Family Planning Queensland 40th Celebration Dinner. Wow…Di is an exciting, entertaining and well researched speaker who brings enthusiasm, humour and presence to an event.

She was one was one of three speakers chosen to be part of Family Planning Queensland’s  40th Celebrations and from our first contact Di was professional, involved and supportive.

Her positive energy and skill as a Presenter, gained over a 35 year period, has earned her a trusted and respected reputation. This was evident as she captivated our audience with confidence and enthusiasm.

On the night she achieved this through ‘learning, lightness and laughter’ on the sensitive subject of sensuality. She is an excellent storyteller…the audience were enthralled… her personal stories showed timeless wisdom and practical strategies for today’s mature woman.

Di is passionate about helping people to present the very best of themselves with confidence.  Di is entertaining, ‘real’ and has a fresh approach to her presentations. With her…be ready to be informed, entertained and disarmed. Excellent content, great message …and genuinely funny!

If you want your group revitalised, mentally nourished and left with a message…then call Di, we highly recommend her as a speaker. Thanks Di!

Ellie McAlister, Family Planning Queensland 2012


It is with great enthusiasm and pleasure that I recommend Di Riddell as a speaker and author. Keen to share of herself with her audience and readers, Di has a great talent in delivering a message of hope, resilience and courage to people of all ages. Our high school students greatly appreciated her talk, which brought forward themes of gender and social inequalities, the long term effects of violence and how seeking support can be a pathway out of victimhood. Di’s experiences and her willingness to share her vulnerabilities in an open and refreshing manner touched a chord with some students in a way that a traditional ‘educational’ session would certainly not have achieved.

I would encourage anyone who is looking to engage Di as a speaker or who is considering purchasing her book to do so without hesitation. Letting Di bring some ‘colour into your life’ may be just the tonic you or your organisation needs.

Deb Richards – High School Teacher – BlackallRangeIndependentSchool

I was initially introduced to Di’s journey through reading her book and then had the privilege of her visiting the school I work in. Her book is written straight from the heart. The conversational tone invites the reader to sit comfortably with Di as she reveals a personal story of innocence lost and a heroic journey of recovery.

Di’s story of abuse is used as a catalyst for change. It advocates for the power of self realisation and the very real, lifelong legacy of healing. This is not a book written to shock or preach. This is the story of  a family next door,  a teenage girl deceived by Cinderella myths, a young woman wearing a victim label,  a ‘Supermum’ excelling at emotional suppression and the grieving widow who ultimately succumbs to the skeletons she so tidily kept at bay.

The reader then shares Di’s journey of repair: nothing glossy, no quick fixes, no magic tonic; just real (ongoing) work. It is a clear testament to the resilience of the human being, the value of quality professionals and friends that dare to challenge your position in the muddy puddle of self pity. Di’s story encourages the reader to acknowledge their own inner resources, shake off the dust and use them!

Di is one of our local community leaders and recently our school was fortunate to have her visit and share her story and personal development message to our group of adolescents in the high school. Her talks have empowered these young people to become better informed about abuse and trauma, to be proactive in their sense of social justice and to witness firsthand, the strength of inner resources that are available to every human being. We can never underestimate the value of people sharing their stories with people.  We can only guess at where the ripples of the stone cast by the narrative might finish up….. but they will make contact and therefore, affect.

As an educator passionate about the wellbeing of young people, I would highly recommend Di as a guest speaker who is honest, inspiring, sensitive and highly professional.

Marguerite Westacott – BA, Grad Dip Ed, Master of Ed St (Guidance and Counselling)



“Di Riddell’s presentation skills training is impeccable, her knowledge on the subject matter is absolute and experiential and her presentation is fun and engaging. Di is a gracious speaker who is there to help, heal and not to ‘sell’. Di was our keynote Speaker at Sunshine Coast Business Swap and we would be delighted to host her again.”

Jeremy Britton President S/C SWAP Club, October 2010


“Wow – how dynamic is Di Riddell! We had amazing positive feedback and we look forward to working with Di again soon.”


Sue Lock, Compensation and Benefits Manager SIP, Honeywell Limited. December 2009


“I was inspired by Di’s session on presentation skills. She was real, authentic and empathetic – yet challenging. By implementing her strategies I delivered a clean, professional presentation. She made an amazing contribution to making my goal of being a speaker a reality.”

Emily Gower Writer/Speaker October 2009


“A lively presenter with a wealth of information. Di connected and engaged her audience and she spoke to the heart and spirit addressing both mind and emotions.  Loads of practical tips and hints on improving personal presentation at interview.”

Tanya Scott Community Solutions. March 2009


‘Thank you for your words of wisdom spoken so sincerely at our Networking and Presentation skills workshop presented at Community Solutions 21 April 2009.  Di  presented her challenging life as a testimony to the ability of one person to change from worthlessness to oozing confidence.  Sharing her life of sadness and humour made me aware that it is possible for anyone to become confident and present well.  Di gave us excellent tips to take with us on a job interview and I passed with flying colours…….. I start my new job on Monday.’

Hiliary Aquili (participant Community Solutions)2009


‘Di Riddell was our guest speaker at our last student graduation. Di’s talk was very entertaining and well presented. She spoke from the heart and managed to convey to the students a profound message of hope and encouragement. Di is a polished speaker and while her manner was relaxed and humours it also contained deep meaningful insights. All present enjoyed her presentation immensely.’

Helleyna Burton, Director Quest College 2007


‘Your presentation is so colourful, thank you for sharing your message. You work the stage with experience, ease and grace. Your energy is contagious and wonderful analogies. You are making a difference in the world already.’

Francis Mercer Life Coach and Sexologist 2007




‘Di was awesome! Our wedding day was a huge success with Di as our talented MC. She was elegant, gracious and very professional. Her attention to detail was superb, and we loved how Di put extra things into our day to make our fully rehearsed event into a fun surprise for us.  We would heartily recommend Di as an MC for a wedding or any other event.’

Jeremy and Yvie Britton October 2010


‘Di provided a wonderful service the bride and groom Yvie, Jeremy and myself as the wedding planner.  My business relies on personalised service from suppliers like you to satisfy our customers. I sincerely appreciate your efforts, creativity and the way you conduct business. I will recommend you to others because it’s a pleasure to work with knowledgeable and helpful people’.

Michelle Schwab. Wedding Planner – Perfect Day Weddings, Sunshine Coast


‘Di was truly amazing as the MC for wedding in October 2010. Engaging her as our MC was just the best decision. We found Di very open to how we wanted our night to run, and meticulous in her attention to detail. She was also fun, bubbly, comforting, a real pleasure to work and showed respect to our cultures. We would not hesitate to recommend Di to any of our friends for future weddings or functions.’

Khai and Elisha Tran


‘With Di Riddell, what you see is what you get.  When you set eyes on her, you see that she is always immaculately presented; you see that she has a professional air about her and you see that she looks the part and is comfortable at the lectern.

Inside this professional exterior lies an intelligent, charming, caring and very sincere person.  These traits are readily identifiable when she is addressing an audience. I have witnessed Di presenting to audiences of hundreds and she has been professional, controlled and at ease on the stage.

Di’s work ethic and organisational skills have been demonstrated through the senior leadership roles that she has taken on during her many decades of involvement with the renowned communication organisation, Toastmasters International.

But like the ad says – ‘But wait, there’s more’.  Di’s welcoming smile and sense of fun and humour help to engage an audience and allow them to sit back and enjoy the occasion.’

Shane Allen    CPA, Brisbane
Communication Skills Trainer
Advanced Communicator – Toastmasters International
National Speakers Assoc. of Australia (Associate)