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‘I love technology, technology loves me’

‘I love technology, technology loves me’ That was my chant for years as I said the words over and over, and there were rivers of tears to accompany it. Gradually they grew less and I improved.

At this moment I am a part of a 3 UA group Writing for Pleasure , this week out task was to write on technology…


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Technology, I feel, has this little imp in it that waits for you to ‘feel you are catching on’ and it slips in a challenge and says ‘whamo…see how you like that!’ And then laughs and laughs and laughs.
Back in the 80’s when we got our first computer, it was a word processor, a TRS80 and next we got a real PC. I could not see myself ever using it. As a matter of fact, when I ventured near it my husband sent me scuttling off. Gosh every time I touched it, it would have a hissy fit.
The conversation would go something like this:
(Him) What did you do?
(Me) Nothing
I don’t think I need to go further. The rules were set in stone… I asked and he did whatever I wanted.
This was a time when I was very involved in a number of organisations, I would come home and type it up then he would ‘organise it’ and ‘correct me’ – you can imagine how that went down. Some very spirited conversations ensued.
All went perfectly until his death in 2002 – that was when the rubber hit the road. I was still heavily involved and had not a clue what to do with ‘the machine’ which by this time had been updated a number of times.
Saying it was a steep learning curve is a truth. Saying I became proficient overnight would be taking liberty with the said truth.


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Gradually, I learned, grew in confidence, tried several things, succeeded in some and failed miserably in others. Now, I am far from an expert but I manage quite well.
Today some of what I do is maintain my own website, write a blog, have a personal and business Facebook page (Confidence Beyond 50), am an Admin for 2 wonderful FB Groups ‘Health From The Heart’ and ‘Learn with Grandma Australia, run a online 21 day Challenge, discovered the delights of Pinterest (I can get lost in there for hours), play as often as I can in Canva creating images (more hours). Power Point I have used to create a photographical life record of several family members and I have just about conquered my mobile phone intricacies.
For 6 months I had the privilege of hosting for a blog-radio station interviewing amazing mature women. A whole new level of technology was required for me to run my studio and it was broadcast out of the California all through my computer.
Does all that make me super technie? NO! Do I still have challenges – you betcha!
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What helped me?
• Listening and taking notes, I go back to them all the time
• Learn by doing, someone flicking quickly does not work for me
• Always being willing to ask for help
• Getting involved in FB groups and asking away and participating
• Being prepared to have a go, once I realised I could not break it
• Realised that when something happens it is not always me at fault. I used to beat myself up on this one.
• Being Ok with having the occasional hissy fit, it makes me feel better
• Keeping in very, very good with my IT son
• As a last resort turn everything off and turn it back on again – it fixes many ills
How amazing and lucky we are to live in this time, to have the technology to reach out into the world. As I look forward to my future when I may not be as mobile as I am today technology will keep me connected and switched on.
What thrills me right now is my book, just released. Titled “Beyond Abuse – a recovery guide for men and women in an era of me, all of us, too’…. It went up on Amazon last week and within 3 days was #1 best seller for Amazon Australia in self- help. This book was originally written and self-published 10 years ago and it was my story. The new book is an extension of my story and also includes men and women’s stories. An editor/publisher was suggested to me, when I contacted her I found that she lives in New York. All our business has been conducted online, Nic and I have not met.
Then out of the blue I was contacted and asked would I like to be part of an Author’s Expo locally on June 9th with an opportunity to speak on my author’s journey.
I have now also made the decision to follow through on an adoption issue, it is like when you complete one thing another door cracks open giving us a choice to step through or not. I have chosen to step through. Stay tuned for updates.
Over the years there have been many podcast interviews the latest by a lady from NZ who made contact with me through a FB group.
None of this would have happened without technology.

I say ‘I love technology, technology loves me’ for different reasons today, I have learned to embrace it and roll with the punches.


embracing technology, confidence in technology

 How has your journey with technology gone?


The new book…. the link if you would like to grab a copy


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